Welcome to my website introducing my children's book called,
Meo the Meerkat.

Meo The Meerkat was a finalist in The People's Book Prize Award held in London on May the 23rd 2017 and out of hundreds of participants secured third place!

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Meo the Meerkat

Meo Meerkat, is a loveable, fun, and mischievous baby Meerkat who comes from the hot plains of the African wilderness.

One morning Meo gets woken up from being snuggled underground by the sound of the other Meerkats. All he wants to do is get outside and play but he has to wait until he is given the all clear by the Meerkat lookout due to all the dangers that surround them.

Meo is bored so he starts cleaning himself, then all of a sudden he gets the call that it is safe and is able to go out and play.

He excitedly runs through the tunnels and up out into the bright sunlight and the heat of the day. Once he is outside he is slow moving about at first then runs here and there as fast as he can having fun and sliding in the dust.

Meo is having lots of fun playing with his family and friends when his mummy comes over and drops a creature at his feet. Meo is unsure what to do with it wriggling around in front of him until his brother comes over and gives it a bite then Meo realizes that this is his lunch.

After Meo has eaten he feels really tired and goes over to his family in the shade and falls asleep.

After sleeping for a while all the sleeping Meerkats are woken by a startled call and realize that there is danger about and it’s in the form of a big yellow cobra snake.

The older big Meerkats make a wall shielding Meo and all the other babies from the snake, protecting them. The snake feeling threatened turns and slides away up a tree.

Meo has learnt a valuable lesson that one Meerkat by himself is weak but together they are strong.

After all the excitement of the day it is time for the Meerkats to go down into their den and sleep for the night.

Of course, this is just the beginning for Meo, as he is about to embark on many new exciting and even dangerous adventures!!