My second children’s book called “Meo the Meerkat” was created through a trip to a local theme park and seeing the Meerkats with their babies playing in the sun.

I thought that the babies looked so cute and when my daughter and son said “Daddy will you write a book about a baby Meerkat” the idea for Meo the Meerkat was born.

The name Meo came from asking my Daughter to think of a name using alliteration that would flow with Meerkat? Straight away she came up with Meo the Meerkat which I thought was a wonderful well suited name for one of the baby Meerkats that we had seen.

Meo the Meerkat sounded more like a little boys name than a girl so I knew that the character that I was going to write about was going to be a baby boy.

With the name Meo the Meerkat in my head and knowing that the character was a little boy I then went about researching as much information about Meerkats as I could.
Luckily I had watched lots of documentaries with my Daughter and Son about different Meerkat family’s so I knew all about their habitat and how they slept underground.

So this is where the Meo the Meerkat story begins.

More to follow in next blog.