Kevin Crookes

I am a writer who discovered a talent for being able to make things rhyme quite late on in my life and then decided not to waste this talent and publish my work.

Whilst I was walking along a beach eight years ago things started to go through my mind and I found myself making everything rhyme. I thought then that I should really write some of these things down, so when I got home I got out a pencil and pad and started writing what I had been thinking about. Looking back over the years I realize that I must have had a hidden talent for making things rhyme but never did anything about it. Once I started writing I could not stop and one poem turned to ten and so on.
I then published my first poetry book called AS IT IS and followed this two years later with the follow up to it called STILL AS IT IS.

Through my love of animals and with the advice of a good friend I decided to turn my talent towards writing a rhyming children's book which is called Huxton the Hedgehog.
I enjoyed this so much that I followed this with my next children's book called Meo the Meerkat.
My most resent book is called Snoff the Sloth with other children's books featuring animals in the pipeline.

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Illustrator Nicola Spencer

Nicola Spencer is an artist and illustrator currently based in Hull, East Yorkshire. She studied painting and printmaking at the Glasgow School of Art, and graduated with a B.A Honours Degree in June 2012.

She has created illustrations for several online publications, including poetry and prose e-zines, and works in a variety of mediums. Specialising in pencil and charcoal drawings, she combines her original work with digital media to create her illustrations. She is currently illustrating children's story books.

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