Snoff the Sloth

Snoff the Sloth is a furry, cuddly, young sloth that lives high up in the trees of the rain forests in Central America.

One day he hears a really inviting sound and sets off on a dangerous journey to find out what the sound is and where it’s coming from.

Follow him on this adventure to find out what this sound can be.

Snoff the Sloth has been written as an educational story to help young children understand the lifestyle and some educational facts about Sloths in their natural habitat.

Meo the Meerkat

Meo the Meerkat is a lovable fun and mischievous baby meerkat who comes from the hot plains of the African wilderness. All he wants to do is go outside, play, explore, and in doing so, he finds himself in some interesting, if not dangerous, situations. An educational story to help young children learn about animals in their natural habitat.


I have written two poem books AS IT IS and STILL AS IT IS. These books are written in my unique style of writing and I am sure that people will relate to my way of thinking, in at least a few pieces of my work.