At the start of January I decided to really work hard on my YouTube channel and fill it up with lots of readings of my poems.
I have been randomly picking poems from my two poetry books, "AS IT IS" and
"STILL AS IT IS" as well as poems that I have written but never published.
My aim is to get one thousand subscribers which seems like a huge amount!
Why this number? Well once you hit a thousand subscribers and four thousand view hours then YouTube start paying you and I want to use this money to fund more children's books.

Every night so far I have been mailing individual connections on LinkedIn and friends on Facebook. This may seem very tedious but I like the personal touch and typing everyone's
name rather than just a generic message that starts with "Hi".
Out of the thousand that I have mailed so far I have had one hundred and fifty subscribers to my channel.
I estimate that I have sixteen thousand connections left so I should make the one thousand subscriber mark mid year.

The feed back that I have been getting is really great and lots of people are going to be passing the word on about my channel.
This is what I need, a snowball effect i.e. I start it rolling and it then takes off by itself.
I always offer to write a poem for the people that are helping me which makes me feel good as I hate the thought that people might think I am just using them.
Fingers crossed things will go to plan.
You can view my YouTube channel here;